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    Anhui joy Sense Cable Co., Ltd. which was founded in 1994 and locates in Hefei (the capital city of Anhui province) is the only one company in China among the four world professional aluminum alloy cable manufacturer. So far our company has already formed two manufacturing base—Hefei and Chaohu, and another three manufacturing base which are in Shijiazhuang(Hebei province), Qingyuan (Guangdong province) and Jixi(Anhui province) are under construction; with the total turnover reaching 5 billion USD.

    Rare-earth High-iron Aluminum Alloy Power Cable developed by ourselves has applied more than 80 patents, certified by UL of the United States, CUL of Canada, SAI GLOBL of Australia and SIRIM of Malaysia and exported to 23 states of  America for 7years.

    We have developed 8000 series aluminum alloy with high elongation and mixed with iron, rare earth and other elements as the conductor of the cable after the processes of drawing, compacted stranding and special annealing. The conductors are insulated by fire-retardant silane cross-linked polyethylene developed by ourselves and sheathed by inter-locked aluminum alloy armor. All these material and structure help to guarantee stable connection even though when conductors are continuously over-carrying ampacity and heat. And Rare-earth High-iron aluminum alloy cables are 40% less than copper cables in spring-back while24% more in flexibility. What’s more, the environment-oriented insulation materials with low smoke, free halogen and being fire-retardant have greatly reduced risk of being on fire. If it did happen, these excellent properties would ensure cables to do no harm to the surroundings and save people enough time to escape.

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